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Well ladies and gents – boy have I been excited about getting this post up! A few weeks ago I was pondering what to buy a special lady for her upcoming extra special birthday. Whilst having lunch with Fran and a glass of bubbles (fyi whenever there are bubbles, chances are Fran wont be far away) she asked if I’d heard of Jo Malone’s new venture. I had not. Well, I was given my marching orders to head over and check out her new store – Jo Loves

To give you a bit of background, Jo sold the ‘Jo Malone’ brand to the Estée Lauder group in 1999, staying on as Creative Director until 2006. Described as ‘England’s scent maverick’ you knew that Jo would never be away for long and there had been whispers she’d been working on a little secret project… that is until now! 

Lovingly located on Elizabeth Street (just a little further east of Sloane Square in the heart of Belgravia) the new gorgeous clean scents of Jo Loves can be smelt as you head round the corner so in I popped to see what was on offer.

Two things I was eagerly keen to try out? 

First, the new scents. These were truly divine – my favourite the new signature scent No.42 Flower Shop – and confirmed Jo’s incredible talent for combining different oil combinations of fruits, flowers and spices to produce wonderfully innovative fresh aromas. 

And second, the Tapas bar. Now before you all thing I’m going a little bit crazy and questioning whether Jo has created scents smelling so good I’ve actually turned to eating a pot of moisturiser in place of my yogurt for breakfast, see for yourself…

Cocktail shakers and shot glasses, along side mini ceramic tagine dishes and cream whippers. Of course intrigued by this unusual display I asked if they were having a party later. The lovely girl behind the counter smiled and said, ‘Let me show you’.

I give you bath time tapas :) Each ‘dish’ shows off a different product allowing you to truly experience their fragrances like you would when using them. The bath&shower gel is shaken up and served to you as foam in a shot glass. The body crème is whipped up and served on a tapas spoon, allowing you to try it out on your hand. And finally…

…the bath cologne.  Described as the caviar of bath time, Jo’s bath cologne is designed to not only make your bath smell lovely, but you too. Beautifully light in texture (unlike other bath oils that can be sticky and float on the surface of the bath) this melts into the water creating an aroma that will fill your whole house, or for tapas style, placed with hot water in a miniature tagine dish and then lifted to breath in the incredible smell.  Oh, and just incase you were tempted to taste these luscious beauties…

Well, needless to say by this point I wanted to leave with at least one of everything in the shop, but I had to settle on one product and so I couldn’t not go for the bath cologne – the ultimate bath time luxury.  Happily packed up in the gorgeous packaging (there is nothing better that beautiful packaging to go with beautiful products) it was time to go, but not before signing Jo’s visitors book of course! 

Oh, and, you remember how this was a gift for a friend? The best thing about it? Her name is Jo Love (true story). It really couldn’t get any better than that right?

Happy Friday everyone and have a spectacular weekend – I’m off up north to the beautiful countryside. 

N xxx

To find out more visit the Jo Loves website

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  1. Kathryn Leaver

    Oh wow this looks so lovely, and your photos are gorgeous too! I’d love to try out some fragrances by Jo Malone, I’ve heard they’re just so truly nice and lost lasting too. I should splash out one day! :) I l really like the idea of how they presented it and the tapas!

    Kathryn x


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